Removing the default slider revolution borders and shadows

When using Slider Revolution in combination with Avada, a border and a shadow are displayed above and beneath the slides. Those effects can’t be removed in the Slider Revolution tab itself, yet manually overwriting the CSS isn’t necessary.
To remove those borders and shadows, simply click on Avada > Theme Options > Advanced >Theme Features. There, find the “Avada Styles For Revolutions Slider” option and switch it off.

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  • thanks a lot ! It did the job very quickly and I had no idea how to do that

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    I did not know this was managed by Avada I was looking on the Rev Slider settings.


    alejandro 6 years ago Reply

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    Saud Al Hossain Liton 6 years ago Reply

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this information.

    How do you remove borders that crops up on AVADA fusion slides and featured images?

    Any guidance would be great.


    VZ 5 years ago Reply

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  • Almost 3 years later and this is still relevant, thank you! Was searching around Slider Revolution options for the setting.

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  • Many many thanks!!!! I was trying to remove it for a long time!!!

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