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Magento 2 checkout doesn’t use backend address templates anymore

Have you ever wanted to add, remove or to rearrange an address field in the checkout?

If so then you’ve probably taken a look at Magento 2’s address templates, just like we used to do it back in Magento 1:



Unfortunately in Magento 2 none of these fields will help you. While they are the place to go for address template modifications in general, they are ignored entirely in the checkout. And according to Magento 2 dev team that’s a feature, not a bug.

If you wish to edit these address fields in checkout, then you need to enable frontend hints, copy the affected files to your style directory and change them accordingly.

WordPress Childtheme made easy

There’s always something about personalized WordPress Themes. You want to be able to update your wordpress themes to avoid version conflicts and use new features, on the other hand you want to change elements in the code or even delete parts of the code. The changes made on the template of course shouldn’t be lost when you update yozr template version. Luckly WordPress has a simple and nice solution for this: the childtheme. In the following article i will explain how to create your own childtheme in three simple steps.